Saturday, November 29, 2008

The groom wore pink...

Bhavesh & Tanvi's wedding day

Last year i traveled to India to see my good friend Bhavesh marry the very lovely Tanvi in a ceremony that lasted for 3 days. This was day 2 & when there's SO MUCH colour in the room it's hard to decide where to point the camera!

One thing i was surprised about (....actually there were a lot of things that surprised/shocked me) was how much colour & decoration people wore on their bodies compared to how little colour was in their houses. (& i visited lots while i was there!) I can't tell you how much i like people-watching but over there it was amazing - colourwheels of people flashing past - it made my head explode. (in a good way;))

the Bhavesh's hands painted with henna - his wife's name is written into the pattern


Kirsty said...

Henna is truly magnificent.

potty mouth mama said...

Such gorgeous vibrant colour. How inspiring. That henna is wild - oh my, the time, the work, the ideas - wow!