Friday, May 29, 2009

C is for cookie, Tea is for thermos.

i'm a big tea-lover, especially now that it's getting colder (& our house is pretty draughty) but i can only drink it when it's really hot & after that, it's cactus. (maybe this lady & i can share a cuppa?) So when rooms are chilly like they are now, i have a golden-tea-drinking minute between scalding & Siberian.
but i've discovered a solution...(maybe i'm the last one to work this out?) fill a thermos & take the happy-heat with you! so good:-)
ps. thanks for all the nice comments on the ring! (and yes, 'Lucy' is trickier than 'Pip', unless..have you ever watched Arrested Development?)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

My creative space..

'hooray for Pip' ring, with adjustable sizingSterling silver 'lemon pips' - grown in my mum's garden, then cast
what luck! i found a flocked lemon-shaped box to put it in! (when else would it be appropriate??)
do you remember i posted this a while ago *blush* saying that i was hoping to improve my tardy gift-giving ways? well i can't say that i've improved, but the first step is to say it out loud huh?
so i'm very pleased to say that (only about 2 months late) i was able to give this pip ring to this special birthday lady...hooray for Pip!
see more creative spaces over here!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

look what i found!

this denim jacket was hanging on the wall of my friend's house in sydney - bought in 1982, worn only once (to a 'kookaburra party' (?))
genuine 1980s applique.


Friday, May 22, 2009

the very talented Justine Austen...

by Justine Austen
Bernardo et Theodorus - Pinguitudo arctos (Fat bear)
Fat that seems to appear without reason is the crime of this monster
Photography: David Campbell
(fat bear's my favorite!)
by Justine Austen
Sterling silver, topaz, moonstone, bone, 2009.
Articulated pendant on ball chain.
Cornelius - Cornu sus (Horned hog)
The monster that makes noises in the bushes, you will never see him until he charges, and then it will be too late.
Photography: David Campbell
by Justine Austen
Sterling silver, paua shell, acrylic, 2009.

Articulated pendant on ball chain.

Gorgonian - Cervus polyps (Stag polyps)
Catching at your swimmers and gouging you as you swim over coral reefs.
Photography: David Campbell

if you're lucky enough to live near Cairns then pop over to KickArts Gallery where you'll be able to see this amazing collection of 'monsters' by Justine Austen. If - like me - you're in the deep south then click here to see more...

"They are the monsters that inhabit the nooks and crannies of our every day life...influenced by pop culture, the monsters will allow their audience to reconnect with their childhood imagination. Giving form and meaning to unexplained occurrences (like who or what turns the light off in the refrigerator) and making the fear of monsters something to be embraced, celebrated and worn with pride."

wow..totally inspiring, don't cha think?
& on another note (made by blowing your own trumpet:-)) thanks to Melbourne Street Fashion for the lovely interview!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

a bit about Betty

This is Betty.
Lucky for me she was also at the house we were staying at on the weekend & came to the market to model the 'i heart' necklace. Betty was the treasured mannequin that helped make the legendary outfits of a woman called..(no surprises)..Betty (at first i was a little uncomfortable calling her by the same name but was given the all-clear by people who loved her:-))

& this is Betty at the end of the day.... (the cabbie's idea!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

found & kept

stall set-up at Finders Keepers Markets - sydney the Finders Keepers markets were as full-on as i'd been told! There were heaps of nice people in the crowd & on the stands (friday night had some especially glamorous ones - i suspect fashion design students:-) like the delightful boy who was wearing a spangly skirt as a yoke) & by the end i was totally exhausted.
But enough resting (i took the day off yesterday), i have a new pendent that's only days away from being finished so i'm really excited & can't wait to take a photo!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Knot - a pretty sight.

Unpacking boxes part3..
ah...macrame animals & duffel buttons - match made in heaven?
my lovely nan made this lion & it's been in a box for at least the last 20 years (..go on, guess my sign...ooh! that's as 70s as this wall hanging;-))
She was a bit of a whiz with the old double-half-hitch-knot & she had a fantastic collection of 'busy' glass beads which she kept in a tin in the craft cupboard.
ol'Leo's looking a bit shabby now & i'm not sure if CJ shares my affection for it, so for now it's kind of camouflaged in the bright orange a folk art savanna.

Friday, May 8, 2009

My creative space..& when you ask for help...

the good scissors, iron maiden, fork&spoon & nice biscuit necklaces
I've been m.i.a for a couple of days this week, busily making jewellery for this (on top of normal orders) and it occurred to me (later than you'd think) that there was absolutely no way that i could do it all on my i asked for help...and it arrived in the form of the ever-lovely & dexterous Kirsty! and this piccie is part of what she did...look at'em, like little soldiers!
Putting these necklaces together is incredibly fiddly but in no time at all (well time goes faster when you're chatting right?) she had whipped up a couple of rows! wow. thanks.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Useless donkeys

Front cover of "The Useless Donkeys" with the Love Donkey Brooch (bottom left)
Part 2 of unpacking boxes + part 2 of brooches...
i found a stash of my old books including this one, 'The Useless Donkeys' (the punchline is that they're not useless at all! would you ever guess it?)
i haven't looked at for about 15 years(!) but had often though of it - especially when i saw (& bought) this Donkey brooch by Love & it reminded me so much of a book i used to have..

check it out! (brooch is the donkey at the bottom)
but colour me suprised to see HOW similar the styles were - it's funny how images get planted in your brain huh?

& funny also to notice that no matter what the age gap, your younger sister will always write her name on your stuff...(Ellen wasn't born until 1988 - obviously doing a little bit of 'catch-up' paperwork hehe..)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Saki 2 please

When i bought the lovely deer-jar of saki last week it was cause i liked the jar (aswell, hehe). This week i bought it for 'research' purposes!
Yep, i'm jumping on the JetstarCheapFlightsToJapanBandwagon (along with Badskirt & Hello Sandwich). I'm very excited but also now have a lot on my plate - so much so that i have developed a rather annoying eye-twitch (stress?) that was with me all day yesterday & just started up again when i got to work! oh well, i think a bit of happy-chaos is good sometimes...