Thursday, March 17, 2011

Foux Da Fa Fa..

my unofficial soundtrack thanks to this lady :)

still loving Paris, the weather has warmed up - even had a swim at the Josesphine Baker swimming pool (a 40 min walk from home & on banks of the Seine... est la piscine?)
Yesterday we went to Colette, a store which is famous for being amazing(?)- this was told to me by so many people who have completely different focuses (fashion, product, music, sneakers,'s ALWAYS said to be the best - how can that be??) ahh it just is. because they are geniuses.

everything in Colette is amazingly well thought out & it houses the best brands in a huge array of products so there are the most incredible watches, shoes, books, clothes, jewellery, musical equipment, beauty products, magazines, you name it, all in a really thoughtful space - the shop is even scented! wow.
Tomorrow we go to London by train where i'll be attending a design lecture at the V&A museum which sound like fun :)

"I would like a croissant. I am delighted. Where is the library? Here’s my passport. Ah, Gerard Depardieu. A baguette! [laughs] A baguette! [laughs] And now the trip to the supermarket. Grapefruit Pineapple Orange juice Beef Soup of the day Camembert Jacques Cousteau Baguette! Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, mister. Hello my small foreign currency exchange office. How are you doing? I’m doing okay. How are you doing? I’m doing okay. Voilà! A conversation in the park! "

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

bonjour sugar daddy..

very cute packaging :) (reminds me of a Dawn Tan drawing! i probably mean subject)

cutely shaped little sugar cubes
bought from Pain de Sucre
& is probably my most favorite dessert i have ever eaten! (white chocolate, green tea & coconut mousse, pistachio, sultanas...)

Ahhh..yep, i could have posted a pic of the Pompidou Centre, or maybe even Eiffel Tower but no, the here is my diary of Paris through food & its packaging!
We're here for a whole month while cj attends some pastry workshops & i go to some art classes & flea markets. While neither of us speak french we give it a go - & at day 5 haven't resorted to english yet (except to each other :)).
It's pretty cold here, about 8* during the day & at night, about 1*! Yesterday morning we went to the 'Puce de St. Ouen/Clingancourt', it's a centuries-old market filled with antiques, very very beautiful & it was very very cold - if someone had plunged my feet in warm water i think they would have shattered!
In the evening we headed off to 'Le Bon Marche' (thanks for the tip Michelle!!) where we bought dinner, wine & cheese.
It's only 7 am here - my body clock has reset to get up easily at 6 & it seems that parisians are not early risers which makes the mornings very calm (compared to the major over-crowding chaos of the day).
My idea of a crowded train has changed..sheesh! The first carriage at Rushall's 8.30am train at can be pretty mean but add another 100 people to each carriage AT ALL TIMES & you're closer to what happens here. so so many's clear that space is a real commodity so everyone is in your face, pushing past (on the trains young people push old people & women with babies!)
so off we go again, more exploring today - i'll let you know what we find :)
my secret away-project :)
I've also pack some jeweller's wax which is part of a new project..a collaboration with a very exciting artist! so i have some basic hand tools & some of his drawings & so *fingers crossed* i'll have a few done before we return.